Sunday, May 4, 2008

the outlook

well, the outlook for the next week appears to be, well, f'n busy. hell, the next two weeks ... BUSY!!!!

i did not pack as much as i should have this weekend. the emotional hangover of sending giddy to alaska was worse than i thought. however, running long on the muddy trails this morning helped.
somehow, slogging through a bunch of mud with my girlfriends made me feel better.

celtics finally took the series. never should have taken 7 games. but they left no doubt today.

so ... gotta make past my final which i need to get an A on, not barely, but a sold A. gotta make it past the seadog race weekend. gotta get moved. yup, gotta make it past all that and the outlook will start looking up.

dreading work tomorrow as i have so much to do ...

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