Tuesday, March 31, 2009

feeling spring ...

Coming back from vaca in Costa Rica where it was in the high 90s to the Maine temps was tough. But, today on my run the sun was out and I was sporting shorts ... spring is just around the corner.

The snow is mostly gone leaving behind piles of sand and rocks. My skis are packed up (sadly). My hats and gloves are packed back in the tote. The days of filling an entire washer with clothes from one workout is over. No more longs runs coming in frozen and feeling like your muscles never really did warm up ... even after 15 miles. No more trainer.

Soon I will be coming in from runs dripping with sweat. The road bike will be back on the road ... where it belongs!! And I'm counting the days to jump in the lake and try out my new wetsuit.

I do love winters in Maine, but my the end of March I am definitely ready for it to be over.

Speaking of Spring, what will April 20th bring? What will the weather be like at the start line in Boston ... cold, hot, rainy, snowy, windy ... Boston has seen it all. Spring weather in New England, have to love it.

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Elisa Doucette said...

Per the Farmer's Almanac: 20th-23rd Clear and much milder weather develops across the Mid-Atlantic region. Fair skies for Patriots’ Day, good running weather for Boston’s marathoners.


Hope all is well, I've been thinking good thoughts for you darlin!