Monday, February 1, 2010

No one said this would be easy ...

Nothing is easy. Well, maybe sometimes, but overall ... not really. Everything you want to succeed at takes work, dedication, determination, motivation, and perseverance. Whether it be in life, at work, in relationships, in athletics, in school ... if the bar is set high and you have goals to reach, it's not going to be easy.

I started thinking about this tonight during my bike workout. I was doing a ladder workout ... every 2 minutes shift up and up and up ... I just shifted up for the last time and my legs were really feeling it and I was breathing hard and I started to think ... yeah, no one said this would be easy. I almost laughed out loud. Yeah, we do this on purpose.

After my shower, I cracked open my books for my MBA class to be sure I had all my homework done for tomorrow.

After that I was looking at my work calendar to see what I had going on and when and trying to be sure I knew where all my workouts would fit in.

Last week I spent 3 days in an insurance class and then took a 20 page, hand written essay exam at 8am on Saturday morning. I am doing this to obtain a professional designation. This was test 3 of 5. As I walked out of the test room I text my best friend the following ... "Fucking brutal. Why do I have to be so career driven? I think I'll become a ditch digger ... "

Well, obviously that's not going to happen but my point is some of this is self-induced. I don't have to try to excel at work. I don't have to get my masters degree. I don't have to be a triathlete. I don't have to do an ironman. I think you get the drift.

Now, let's skip to the part we don't have control over. Or at least little control. All of this started me thinking about the rest of my life. I never planned on being divorced. I never planned on being a single mom. I guess you could say that these were choices. I chose to have my children. I chose to get married and divorced. But these are the choices that you really have no idea what the outcome will be. OR how they might effect the rest of your life.

At any rate, we work hard sometimes out of choice and we work hard sometimes out of necessity. I just do what I need to do and I do what makes me happy. But no one ever said that would be easy ... and let me tell you it's not!!


Bob Turner said...

Stay with it! It's not any better in the ditches, trust me. I always say to the boys when we're spinning "Hey, if it was easy EVERYBODY would be doing it."
So stay with it, I'm impressed with your resolve and commitment - two things you'll definitely need on Ironman race day.

Mary IronMatron said...

I wouldn't be fun or rewarding if it were easy!

Elisa said...

If it was easy we wouldn't appreciate it so much when we kicked ass at it. :)

Ange said...

so true Robin. And we wouldn't get nearly as much satisfaction from what we accomplish if it was easy. Just like they all said and just like you know. I saw a shirt at Timberman a few yrs ago, it said,"if it was easy they'd call it football." Ouch! heehee...
you're so driven...this will be a great ride for you! Good luck with all your studying too!!!