Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring fever

I officially have spring fever. 68 degrees today in Portland. I took my bike on the road for the first time this spring. It is always the best feeling. Being unhooked from the trainer ... free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last! All those things we miss being on our trainer...

1. Wind. Sometimes good sometimes bad.
2. Real hills. Not simulated hill climbs, but real hills.
3. Downhills. Oh, you mean I can actually rest for a moment? Something you never get on the trainer!!
4. Other bikers to chase down. Always fun to see bikers ahead of you and try to reel them in.
5. Traffic. This would be the negative. I was reminded today of how stupid drivers can be. Yes I said stupid! I actually have some others words but I will refrain. When you're the one on the bike you can call the people who don't share the road anything you want.
6. Bricks. The ability to do brick workouts, ummm, bricks that I like. I hate winter brick workouts. Trying to get out of your sweaty bike clothes - and being on your trainer they are definitely sweaty - and into winter running clothes just sucks! Not too mention your hair is wet/sweaty so you freeze when you head out.

I'm sure there is more but that's what comes to mind. Being out on the road is just a different feeling and to me it's motivating!

Spring also means less laundry. It is so nice when a run only produces a pair of shorts, maybe a shirt, sports bra, and socks. A run in the winter produces a whole load in itself!!

I think we have snow in the forecast this coming week. I want to say, seriously WTF? I wanted snow all winter and didn't get it and now I want warm temps and sunshine and they say snow. Whatever ... I know spring is just around the corner...

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