Sunday, October 17, 2010

What do you do with all this stuff?

I was digging through the drawer with my swim stuff in it today and starting pulling out swim caps ... and kept pulling ... and kept pulling ...

Wow, I had 21 swim caps stuffed in that drawer. A few had seen their better days, which I promptly tossed in the trash. But what do I do with the rest?

That reminded me that I also have almost every bib from every race I have finished. Running, Triathlon, Duathlon, and I think just a couple Nordic Ski races.

I keep thinking that one of these days when I buy a house again I will use them to wallpaper my workout room. I know, go ahead and call me a geek but I have always thought it would be pretty cool.

I also have a box in the closet that is filled with medals, trophies, plaques, etc. that really don't mean anything to me. I do cherish some of my medals ... like both my Boston Marathon medals, the Mount Washington Road Race, my Half Ironmans, but the rest are just cheesy trophies from 5K and 10K road races. I actually tried to give these away! I called many local charities and none of them wanted them. I looked up some recycle places on-line but it would cost me a fortune just to ship the box. So, they just keep sitting in my closet.

To all my fellow running and tri friends, what do you do with all your stuff????


healthyish said...

We have the same problem. I wear the caps until the break, but then I feel guilty throwing them away (except for the really crappy ones). Tyvek (the material most race numbers are made of) is supposed to be recycleable, but we're not entirely sure how. Wanna try to start a recycling program?

Mary IronMatron said...

I give the medals and trophies to my kids (except, like you, the ones I am really attached to, like Boston, or IM or whatever). Usually within a few days the medals or trophies are toast, and then I don't feel bad throwing them away.
I just chuck the caps... they are all thin and cheap and so I don't bother with them. I chuck the bibs too--except for the really important ones--which I have at the bottom of my underwear drawer!