Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm still here ... I think ...

It has been brought to my attention that I have been MIA lately. My answer is yes... yes I have. First up, I need to report my last two races.

On June 6th I ran the EX2adventures 10K off road race. The venue was gorgeous, taking place in Prince William State Park in VA. The temps were close to 85 with about 90% humidity. Ugh. We ran about a half a mile on the road then headed out onto the trails. The course was beautiful but far from easy. There were a lot of hills, long hills. I felt pretty good through most of the race but was definitely fatigued at the end. The final section of the race was a nice long climb to the finish line. I ended up 5th in my AG and 26th OA (men and women). My time, 56:30. No, that is not a typo. The winning woman ran a 50:04, which kind of puts the course in perspective.

The finish

My 5th place glass

Me and my sis after it's all over

Next up was the Portland Sea Dogs Father's Day 5K. I am the race director of this race so running is never really a good idea since I spend all my energy making sure everything goes off without any issues. I also was fighting some stupid cold/cough thing. I hate making excuses, but I definitely wasn't 100% that day. I was hoping to finish under 21 and ran a 22:01. Not exactly anything to write home about. My only claim to fame that day was going into a coughing frenzy after the race and puking at the base of the stairs by the visitors locker room. :)

My summer has continued like this ... training, not training. Training, not training. Motivation, no motivation. Motivation, no motivation. I have been having fun though. A lot fun just living life. There has been no training schedule ... just a run here and a swim there. I have had a lot of good times this summer BUT, that doesn't seem to be working for the long haul. I don't like the way I feel. I don't like my lack of energy. I don't like how I am getting all squishy around the edges. Yuck!!

After chatting with a fellow tri buddy, I told him that I think what I need is a training partner. Someone I can train with, have fun, and also have a healthy competition with. I think what I need is a Turner-Durgin-Brackett type training partner. Yup.

I am still thinking about signing up for the Colby Tri. Anyone else out there heading to Colby?

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