Thursday, August 12, 2010

Off to Alaska

Sunday morning I was on a plane headed for Alaska. My second trip out to the see the family. I wish the trip wasn't so long, but it is so worth it once I get here. And here's why ...


And Hannah

And Morgan

I am enjoying every minute with my girls!

I am taking time to run everyday. I have no access to a pool, nor do I have a bike, so running it is. They have these paths along the roads that go forever. I think what they are really for is the four wheelers and snowmobiles. I don't see a lot of people running or walking.

Notice how close the woods are to this path. Yesterday on my run I had a moose encounter. Yes, it's cool to see a moose but it's a little too close for my taste. After that I was scanning the woods for the rest of my run waiting for a moose to jump out in front of me.

I have also taken time to walk Giddy every day. I think he likes it. Check out this smile.

Only three more days, time goes too fast.

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