Saturday, March 29, 2008

i'm tired

so i helped my best friend move her stuff out of her westend apartment and into a storage space today. in about 6 weeks we will be moving my stuff out of my house and into my new townhouse. then in 6 more weeks we will be moving her stuff out of the storage space and into her new apartment. way too much moving. i only had 5 hours of sleep last night and after helping her move i came home and packed boxes for a couple of hours. my house is starting to really look like a mess but at least i have an excuse!

backing up, i had to drag my son out of bed this morning to get him to his saturday detention. always a struggle. this phase my son is in is wearing on me and i'm actually looking forward to his departure for the summer. it has been a very long, very hard, very stressful school year. less than 3 months until school is out and he is off to alaska. i really need a break.

i struggled being motivated to work out today and with good reason after thinking what i did. so as of right now i have done nothing. i'm drinking coffee and getting ready to take shower #2 today to see if it won't wake me up. i probably just need to go to bed early and start tomorrow a new day. i'm suppose to be racing in the morning but at this point can't see that happening.

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