Thursday, March 27, 2008

my life today

my life today is good. i am finally over a nasty flu bug that really put a kink in my life for a bit. my tri training is better ... only doing "one a days" this week but that is better than not much of anything for almost 3 weeks. i don't need that in my training as i have way too much competition this year. first tri is less than 2 months away. i still need to take off some weight ... a few unwanted pounds that have taken up residency on my butt and thighs.

moving day is fast approaching and although the actual act of moving sucks, the fact that i am moving is awesome. this is going to be so much better for my life. just a few of the +'s ... close to work, close to the pool, close to my son's new school, close to campus, closer to almost everything i do. my son switching schools is going to be such a great thing and will probably relieve the biggest stress in my life. not to mention that i will save large amounts of money on gas and it will eliminate having to pay tuition for my son. i can't wait to decorate my new digs. i never wanted to do anything in the house i'm in now as it never felt like home. i have lived in this house for two years and there are no pictures on the wall. what does that say?

i'm getting contacts today. been wanting them for over a year and very excited about it! hmmm, i think i want ones that color my eyes ... maybe just a little more blue.

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