Monday, July 21, 2008

monday again ...

beginning of a new week. feeling good all around. am tired and a bit sore from a weekend of racing and training, but it's a good feeling.

spent a good part of the weekend to myself and did quite a bit of thinking. feeling on track with my training and that is really good. really good for my mental state! finished up my race schedule for the rest of the season and looking forward to it.

did some more thinking about my new position at work and am excited to get started. there's a little bit of work to do to get everything in place but ready to hit the ground running.

also did some thinking about the issue i had with a relationship lately. being so ungrounded about the situation caused me to act in a way that is totally out of character for me. it has been a little tough because i know i ruined a really good thing but luckily this man is very gracious and our friendship is still in tact. i still look back and wonder what the hell i was thinking. anyway, i don't like to get caught up in the little stuff and feel that i have put it all in perspective and have let it go. what's done is done and time to move on. feeling very grounded now about it all, which is a good feeling. funny how much perspective you can gain once you actually remove yourself from the situation. too bad i couldn't have seen that while i was in it. still have a slight feeling of regret, but know that it will pass. i spent way too much energy on the situation anyway and it's time for that energy to be focused elsewhere.

ready to tackle another week ...

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