Saturday, July 19, 2008

tri race report

my day started a little after 5 am and went through the typical pre-race routine ... shower, coffee, packing, etc. my friend picked me up at 6am and we were off. arrived on time, picked up my bib, and set up my transition spot. shortly after found that wetsuits would not be allowed. this really didn't bother me too much as i don't mind swimming without one.

wasn't too nervous today, which was good. did a quick run warm-up, listened to the pre-race meeting, then headed to the lake for a swim warm-up. water was nice!!!! soon the race was off. right off the bat i took a few steps, dolphined, and hit a rock right on the left hip bone! duh! swim felt good. long run back to the transition. switched up and off on my bike. bike had several challenging hills, but also some nice downhills were i hit over 40 mph. nice rest before heading into T2. switched up again and then almost ran the wrong way out of the zone. not sure how i did that, blond moment i guess. felt good on the run, but think i could have pushed it more. finished 5th female and 1st in my age group. not bad for not being in peak racing shape and my first tri of the season. i'll take it.

thoughts ... still have some work to do but am really ready to do it. racing was fun!!!! that is a good feeling, one that i wasn't sure i'd have again ...

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