Thursday, July 17, 2008


well, things are going along status quo. work is good and training is good. more excited about racing than i have been in months. lost a few pounds too.

quick race run down ... the 5k last weekend went okay. result was what i would expect given my current training. i now have a benchmark of where i'm out and know what i need to do. ended up taking 4th place and it was tough. i tried not to be disappointed in my time, but it's hard to take running 21's when i ended the season running 19's. but again, a reflection of my training.

first tri of the season is sat. again keeping perspective on my where my training is and trying not to put too much pressure on myself. but at the same time trying keep that mental edge so i don't give up.

i've been pretty grounded lately on most aspects of my life except one. a little rocky on the "man" front. funny, cause i've always been grounded when it comes to men but lately have let myself get a little carried away over one. really need to put that in check to keep the drama out of my life. have no need for it or time for it. just not sure quite how to do that yet. or maybe i do and am just not doing it ...

here's to perspective ...

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