Saturday, July 12, 2008

racing again ...

headed out to a 5k tonight. it won't be pretty but you have to start somewhere. a long email from my running coach reminded me that i just need to get back out there - in shape or not - and start from right where i'm at and then go from there. he also reminded me how important the mental aspect is to racing. something i'm well aware of but need to be reminded once in awhile. also have my first tri of the season next weekend. that definitely won't be pretty but i'm really looking for to it. it is what i do and for some reason love it. i think my mental state is really coming around and training is also getting much better. which the two really go hand in hand for me - the better my mental state the more i train. the more i train the better i feel. funny how that works.

was offered a promotion a work ... if i want it. more money but with that also comes more work and most likely more stress. but, i know i can do it and that's the most important part.

hanging with one of my close friends tonight that i don't get to see very often ... little backyard BBQing after the race. will be fun!

here's hoping that it won't hurt too bad tonight ... uh, not likely ...

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