Wednesday, June 11, 2008

feeling good

good workouts last night. went for a nice trail run followed by a good swim. i slept like a rock last night! funny, i've had issues sleeping lately and i forget that the best way for me to get a good night sleep is to just wear my ass out! always sleep better if i have worked out.

after thinking i was going to bag to entire racing season, i finally decided to stay in the late season races. the love of training and desire to race is slowly creeping back in ... and i'm glad. i know it's part of me, just lost it for awhile.

celtics lost game 3 ...

Monday, June 9, 2008

monday, monday ...

it's monday again, but a good weekend. finally started feeling good again at the end of the week training wise. got in a few good workouts, but still totally up to speed. coming around though.

first beach day of the summer!!!! felt good to lay on the beach, relaxing. water was cold, but not too bad for this early in the summer.

off to the links today for my first golf outing. went to the range last week and my swing was pretty good.

beach, golf, sunshine ... summer is in full swing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


i'm so tired of feeling like this!!!! ugh!!!! it's like part of me wants to get out there and train and the other part is pulling me back saying no no no. so hard to sort out all the feelings. i can't decide if i should just give up or fight through it.

i've never been one to give up though. i have been through more shit in my life than the average person and always seem to come out on top. i've always thought of myself as being extremely motivated, persistent, and stubborn ... never giving in, never giving up.

can't handle this struggle much longer. maybe i just need pull my head out and get on with it. oye ...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

remembering when ...

yes, i was sitting on my patio this morning and wondering how exactly i got here. i've been in a slight funk lately and still trying to climb out of it. i think maybe i'm ready. i finally took some advice that was given to me quite awhile back, that i didn't follow, and now wishing i would have done it earlier. i took a complete 10 days off from all exercise. yup, 10 days. unheard of for me. but, i'm finally feeling the motivation return and want to do something.

struggling with having no one at home. funny how i thought i would enjoy it more. i think it is just an adjustment period, but weird. no dog, no kids. i am hoping that as the days pass it gets easier. at least i love my new place and feel very relaxed in it.

off for another day. i wonder what it will bring ...