Tuesday, March 31, 2009

feeling spring ...

Coming back from vaca in Costa Rica where it was in the high 90s to the Maine temps was tough. But, today on my run the sun was out and I was sporting shorts ... spring is just around the corner.

The snow is mostly gone leaving behind piles of sand and rocks. My skis are packed up (sadly). My hats and gloves are packed back in the tote. The days of filling an entire washer with clothes from one workout is over. No more longs runs coming in frozen and feeling like your muscles never really did warm up ... even after 15 miles. No more trainer.

Soon I will be coming in from runs dripping with sweat. The road bike will be back on the road ... where it belongs!! And I'm counting the days to jump in the lake and try out my new wetsuit.

I do love winters in Maine, but my the end of March I am definitely ready for it to be over.

Speaking of Spring, what will April 20th bring? What will the weather be like at the start line in Boston ... cold, hot, rainy, snowy, windy ... Boston has seen it all. Spring weather in New England, have to love it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The countdown begins ...

3 weeks til Boston ...

16 weeks til RI 70.3 ...

wow, does time fly!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

when is enough, enough????

when is enough, enough? when do you draw the line?

i was confronted with this question just yesterday. somehow i knew this day would come. it has been several years in the making and deep down, i just knew it.

the day came ...
i said enough ...

now thinking, wondering, hoping that i was right... that it really was time to say when ...

Friday, March 20, 2009

A day of many emotions ...

Oh, how should I start this? I awoke this morning feeling very anxious ... I had so much to do in one day, so much on my mind, and just needed to get through the day. Not that it would all be over at the end, but since I'm leaving on vacation, just trying to get through the day and at the end be ready to enjoy. Wish I could have ran this morning to unwind, but that was a no go as I had so much to do I was at my desk a little after 7.

So, first ... Big day at work, but isn't it always when you're leaving for vaca. For some reason I seem to think that "my" world at work can't go on without me. Pretty egotistical, eh? I was in and out a couple of times making the day go by in a flash. Through all the rushing around was glad I took a moment to have lunch with a friend, which made me stop and relax for a bit. All was good in the end and left feeling like I left my desk clean with almost no loose ends. When I got up from my desk I realized I was the only one left ... not unusual if you work late on a Friday. Out with the lights, set the alarm, out the back door.

So, second ... backing up slightly, disappointment yet again with my son. Had this pit in the bottom of my stomach from the moment I awoke that plans would not unfold as they should and they didn't ... not much to be said ... should be used to it by now.

So, third ... had to make phone calls to the fam before I leave on vaca. Call to my sister was good, as it almost always is. Call to the folks ... yeah.

So, fourth ... had to say goodbye to one of my best friends. She is moving to Tampa while I'm on vaca. I spent Monday night with her, but tonight was the true goodbye. Really tough because you don't have that many true friends in life and she was one ... really, really going to miss her. Really.

So, fifth ... with all of that, still REALLY stoked to go on vaca!!!! In dire need of a week of relaxation. No work, no school, no kids, no boys, no cell phone, no computer. None of it. A week of me and my best girl. I can't think of any way I would rather spend my vaca.

Yeah, that should about cover it ... and I'm off ...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boston Marathon ...

bib # assigned ... #13969 ... wave #1

very end of wave #1 ... guess it will keep me in check ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Bedford Race Report

2nd race in my quest for the jacket ... New Bedford Half Marathon.

Trying to think if this is the 4th or 5th time I've ran this race, can't remember! Luckily, this is the first time the weather has ever been nice! Almost 50 at the start with no wind. Unbelievable!

Goal for this race was to run about 15 sec per mile faster than marathon pace for Boston and be consistent. MP is 7:50 so aiming for 7:35. I know the course so first mile is always a little fast, then a few miles of hills, then the long stretch of downhill and flat that you have to hold yourself back or you will be suffering in the end. A few miles along the coast and then the dreaded last mile uphill back into town. That last mile always has and always will suck!!

Splits went like this:
7.24 - little fast
7.41 - end of the hills
7.19 - nice consistent miles but thinking I need to slow down
7.46 - not that slow!
8.30 - the last 3.1 ... ummm, yes the dreaded last hill and that is a horrible split! Ugh.

Felt good, in control, and very comfortable through the whole race. Little tough that last mile but to be expected. Hit the 10 mile mark in 1.14, which was a minute faster than I finished the Amherst 10-miler a few weeks ago. Overall pace ... 7.34. Mission accomplished.

Feeling good but still a little anxious about Boston ... 5 weeks to go ...