Thursday, January 22, 2009

a new year ...

wow, haven't posted anything in months! maybe because i finally got busy and stopped thinking about myself so much.

things they are a changing ...or better, already changed. after what seemed like an endless roller coaster ride of emotion ... i finally was able to step off!

life is good today. oh yes, there is stress, but i seem to be able to handle it. definitely feeling back to my old self.

only a few weeks into 2009 and looking forward to a new year.

quick run down of my ambitions this year:
* sub 3.25 at Boston
* sub 5.25 at RI 70.3
* run all the NE Grand Prix races and get an "iron runner" jacket
* put a major focus on my swimming

* finish 3 MBA courses
* complete 2 CIC courses

* exceed my new sales goal at work

* be happy!

Here's hoping for a much better year!