Sunday, May 25, 2008

race morning ...

so i'm headed to redhook today for a 5K. as the inner struggle to compete continues, i really don't want to go. not a feeling i am comfortable with on race morning, nor a familiar one.

the common phrase that my coach hears from me before almost every race is ringing very true today ... "i'm not really sure how this is going to come out ... "

Monday, May 19, 2008

the move is over ...

i'm finally moved!!!! i absolutely love my new digs. sitting on my couch, relaxing, and looking around ... just seems so peaceful. i didn't realize how much i disliked my old house until i got moved. have a few unfinished items to take care of but for the most part my life should settle down now.

finding new running and biking routes is always fun and challenging when you move. love running in the cemetery that is very close to my new place. the biking will probably prove to be a bit more challenging. have to deal with a little more traffic than i'm used to, but can still get quickly out to blackstrap which is good biking territory.

hopefully my training will be back on track now. the stress of the move also aided in losing a few my pounds. no more excuses ...

Monday, May 12, 2008

it's monday, again

got in my early monday morning run, always a good way to start the week. good for the mind, good for the body.

seadog race weekend ... all went well!!!! it's a proud feeling to have the race go off without a hitch. registration went better this year than last, no lines, no back-ups. i think my system is getting better each year. broke another record.

moving day is thursday. how did that get here so fast. i'm so ready to move and get it over with. tired of packing and tired of the boxes. ready to have a new place to call home. i really think my new place is going to feel more like home ... i can just feel it.

i still feel like i'm not totally in sync with my training. keep going back and forth with being on track. maybe once i'm moved i'll settle in. seems like i have a series of good workouts, then fall off track for a few days. what a struggle. whatever it is, i need to get a handle on it cause it's tough on the mental state.

celtics up 2-1 in the second round...

Friday, May 9, 2008

it's friday ...

normally that would be a good thing but i have so much to do this weekend it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is!

seadog race weekend ... numbers are good. looking at possible rain on sat but clear for race day. busy busy, but i love it. always worry that something may go wrong. so many factors and unknowns. hopefully sun afternoon i can sit back and say "another good race in the books"

training has been good this week so far. hoping that i can still squeeze in my workouts, at least something, over the weekend. just have to keep up the consistency. less than a week till moving day and then training will be much easier.

celtics took the first 2 games of this series. yeah baby.

i have to remember to call my mom on sunday ...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

the outlook

well, the outlook for the next week appears to be, well, f'n busy. hell, the next two weeks ... BUSY!!!!

i did not pack as much as i should have this weekend. the emotional hangover of sending giddy to alaska was worse than i thought. however, running long on the muddy trails this morning helped.
somehow, slogging through a bunch of mud with my girlfriends made me feel better.

celtics finally took the series. never should have taken 7 games. but they left no doubt today.

so ... gotta make past my final which i need to get an A on, not barely, but a sold A. gotta make it past the seadog race weekend. gotta get moved. yup, gotta make it past all that and the outlook will start looking up.

dreading work tomorrow as i have so much to do ...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

goodbye to giddy

had to say goodbye to giddy yesterday and it was much harder than i thought. the guys at northwest cargo were great and at least made all the paperwork part easy. they were so good to giddy and loved him up and played with him the whole time i was getting everything ready.

i cried when i got there, i cried when i left, i cried when i got home. morg called at 2 am to tell me she had him in hand and was headed home ... i cried again. this morning, no better. i have cried at least four times.

doing the right thing and being unselfish isn't always easy. i feel like i just lost my best friend.

goodbye giddy ...