Monday, August 11, 2008

Wildman race report

I was nervous for this race, not sure why. I get nervous sometimes for big races but this wasn't one of those. Anyway, watching the rain all week got me wondering if was going to have to race in bad conditions. At the last minute, I took a friend up on his offer to crash in North Conway the night before. So, packed up on Friday night I headed to NH. Arrived at about 7:45 and then stopped in at Moat Mountain for one beer and a little extra food. A quick chat with Bill and then off to bed. Watched the opening games of the Olympics for awhile then tried to sleep. Didn't sleep well at all, then up at 5.

We dropped my truck off at the base of Wildcat Mtn and headed to Shelburne. Registration and set-up was a breeze. Warm-up went well. First leg - 10K run. Tried to run steady but conservative, clocked at 45 and change and was in 2nd place. Second leg - 22.3 mile bike. The first 7 mile loop was rolling but not too bad. Up Route 2 then onto Rte 16. The last 7 miles was a very long gradual climb up to the base of Wildcat. My legs started to really feel it the last 4 miles and was ready to get off my bike. I slowed and was passed by 6 females leaving me in 8th place. (Note to self - need to work on my hill climbing on the bike.) Third leg - 3 mile run up Wildcat Mtn. Transition didn't feel too bad until we started to hit some of those grades that were 20%+. Steep enough at points that at fast hike/walk is all you could do. So, walk-run all the way up, passing 2 females on the way. Crossed the line in 2:59 and in 6th place. Good effort!

A BIG thank you to Bill for being my tri-sherpa ... from making my coffee at 5 am, shuffling my stuff from T1 to T2, for taking what seemed to be 100 photos during the race, and for being at the top with warm clothes! You're amazing!

Another race in the books and feels REALLY good to be back at it ...

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