Monday, January 16, 2012

The pool, swimming, running, and everything else

I was out of the pool last year for almost 6 months last year due to an injury. Having a hiatus like that usually does one of two things ... you either lose your motivation or it gives you a whole new energy. In my case, all I wanted to do was get back in the pool!

Ironically, I am now spending way more time in the pool than I would like. I have injured my calf and can't seem to get it healed up. I am now running and swimming in the pool. And as the are the only two activities I'm able to do, I am spending all my time in the pool. My skin is dry and I smell like chlorine all the time. What did I say? All I wanted to do was get back in the pool? Be careful what you wish for.

I'm not sure what is worse, running in the pool or on the treadmill. BORING!! I can do it when I have to. I have cranked out 20 miles on the treadmill, twice. I'm sure I could do a 3 hour pool run if I absolutely HAD to. But I really don't WANT to. Luckily tonight, I had three kids in my lane that kept swimming beside me and asking me tons of questions. They kept me very entertained.

I am now 13 weeks from Boston. If I can't get healed up in the next two weeks I'm going to have to defer my entry until 2013. I refuse to run Boston on half ass training.

A few other things of note...
Two weeks into the year and I have been to yoga both weeks. I really like it. And not only do I like it but I can see how it will be very beneficial for me. Definitely keeping at it!

My Spanish is coming along. I have been able to master colors, numbers, foods, and some common phrases. I am still working on time and other household items. I'm pretty sure at this point any 5 year old that watches Dora the Explorer on a regular basis speaks better than I do.

And tomorrow my oldest turns 24. Where did time go?

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