Thursday, April 3, 2008

it was a long day ...

i got home too late last night and had to get up too early. started my day at the eye doctor to get my contacts checked spend even more $$$$. off to work and the fellow that i work with is driving me f'n crazy. seriously. i have worked with this man for 4 1/2 years and i know him pretty well. he is in what i like to call "panic mode." unfortunately, when this happens i feel i take the brunt of his actions. my supervisor came by today and said, "deep breath." no shit ... ugh!!!!

came home and went for a run. it didn't feel good at all. and somewhere between trying to finish up at work and get ready to go to the movies i had a barrage of text messages from the boy. so off to the movies to see run fat boy run. i anticipated stupid and funny and that's what i got. had to make a quick stop for one beer and a chat with a friend. another stop at blockbuster, then the grocery store, then finally home at 10:30. and now i'm on my computer.

looking forward to tomorrow being friday. hanging with my best friend at sebago ... hefe weizen comes out tomorrow and the red sox are playing. i think the rest of the regulars will be there too ... good times.

i've done a lot of "thinking" about my life lately. where i am, where i am going, and it seems like i have a lot of changes going on. not sure what to do them right now ... so i'm not doing anything. i am trying to just be ... which isn't an easy task for me. this will be another post in the near future ... most likely a long post.

off to bed.

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