Monday, April 21, 2008

my birthday weekend

well, my weekend ended up being quite a blast. i was able to hang with my friends both friday and saturday nights, out having a good time. i love my friends ... they're the best.

friday night was shopping and dinner, then a little drinking and dancing.

saturday night was my party! dinner and more drinking and dancing.

sunday morning went running with another friend, then to get coffee, and a nice chat.

monday was off to boston to watch the marathon. our team camps out at mile 22 every year. some run, some watch, it's different every year. i remember my first boston and couldn't wait to hit mile 22 to high five my teammates. this year was the same as past years ... some people looked good and others, well, they were hurting. the face and the legs do not lie!

did spend a bit of time reflecting since i'm another year older. i don't feel old, i don't think i look old, and i certainly don't act old. but, birthdays always make me think a little about what it will be like in 10 years ... where will i be? what will i be doing? my life has taken so many turns in the first 37 years, who knows what the next 10 will bring.

i don't want to dwell on it. my life is good today. really good. except for those few bad days that sneak in, i don't have a lot of complaints. and on those bad days, my friends are always here for me.

another birthday in the books.

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