Thursday, April 17, 2008

looking back ...

so i was reading through my past posts and i am amazed at how my attitude toward my training did an about face in such a short time. one would think after this many years of competing that i would be used to this. for some reason, this time it just seamed different. guess not.

i was out on my bike tonight ... when i dropped down in my aerobars and was just hammering away on my pedals, it was just amazing. sometimes when i ride it is like the rhythm of my pedal stroke just mesmerizes me. i think i forgot how much i enjoy it. a lot of people don't get it. that fact that i like hammering on my bike, feeling my quads burn, mouth wide open to find all the oxygen possible when climbing the hills ... ahhhhhhh.

so, it wasn't that long ago that i said i was done. nope. game on.

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