Sunday, April 6, 2008

a new chapter maybe

well, i'm thinking i have reached a different chapter in my life. seems i've had a lot through the years, good and bad. life is good today. i am probably enjoying life more now than i ever have. my priorities have changed. after almost 7 years of being married to my workout schedule, it has somehow been put on the back burner. i like working out, mostly because i like to look good, but lately being able to workout without a purpose has been great. just exercise, no repeats on the track, no intervals on the bike, no repeat 100s in the pool ... just go for a run. and not beating myself up for missing a workout, another plus.

there is so much to do in life and i think i want to spend more energy finding new things. i'm tired of missing out on a lot of fun times and new adventures just because i have to get up and run or bike or swim. OR, just too plain tired from a 5 hr brick workout to see my friends.

so, not totally leaving the old behind but it definitely is not my priority and i'm okay with that today.

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