Thursday, April 17, 2008

over the wed hump

made it to thursday! my week was very "top heavy." gave my group presentation at class last night and i do believe we did very well. so glad to get that over with. now just have to take the final and i'm done for the semester.

i have been so slack around my house. i have to buy groceries and do some domestic paperwork stuff by the end of the weekend. ugh. i hate doing stuff like that. and still need keep packing boxes for the move.

training is back in full swing, minus the swimming. but we'll get there. my second track workout of the season went pretty well. clipping off the intervals at 6 min pace reminds me that i can still run. signed up for a 5K next weekend just to get a idea of where i'm at. scary.

no more class or meetings this week, just fun stuff. shopping for a new shirt for my birthday party. AND my birthday party. totally psyched!!!! all my closest friends will be there ... hanging out, drinking, dancing, etc. good times.

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