Saturday, April 26, 2008

Race Report and a long week

raced my first 5k of the year and as always was pretty rough. it's been a tough winter. finished the year last year with a PR, 19:04 and then went into the hardest winters i've ever had as far as motivation goes. i just finally started coming around and training after a bout with the flu that took me out for over a month so the results were to be expected. i didn't like them, but couldn't have expected much more. ended up 3rd female with one of my slowest times in years, 21:02. that will definitely motivate me.

part of my poor performance could be attributed to stress. i have had a very long, stressful week. have a lot going on and the next few weeks will not be much better. trying to stay grounded and focused.

off to watch game 3 of the NBA playoffs ... go celtics.

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