Tuesday, April 8, 2008

time to take it off

after getting on my scale yesterday morning and seeing a number that i don't ever remember seeing for almost 8 years, i decided i better start doing something. funny how all it takes is something as simple as that ... i wasn't upset, actually i laughed - out loud - and was then like, okay time to get serious.

i usually don't have any problems loosing weight once i decide to do it. the rules are simple.

1. stop eating outside the box!!!! cut back on the carbs and no junk.
2. exercise 2x day. even if one is just taking a walk. have to rev the metabolism in the morning and evening.
3. have to start doing abs every day.
4. drink more water
5. no beer. wine or maybe a mixed drink, but no beer.

that's it. easy.

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